VCE Studying: Do's and Don't for Parents

VCE Studying: Do's and Don't for Parents

The Do's

Do ask them what you can do to help. They probably won’t know but asking will make them and you feel better

Do encourage them to make sure they are getting a balance of study, sleep and downtime

Do let them set their own study timetable. Only they can do the revising and only they know what needs to be done

Do understand that their anxiety will make them irritable and emotional at times

Do be prepared for tears and moments of stress: acknowledge that this a difficult time but remind them this is just one moment in the educational journey

Do help them with suggestions of Smiling Minds or Calm apps

Do organise to get to and from exams if this is required

The Don'ts

Do not allow your anxiety about your child’s exams become contagious

Do not nag

Do not change household routine

Do not hover

Do not keep talking about exams and asking questions about how they think they are doing

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